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2019-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate School: Mission, Vision, and Goals


The School of Graduate and Professional Studies supports advanced academic programs and services to achieve the mission of the University by coordinating with the Colleges to empower and equip students through innovative graduate and professional activities that prepare them for future educational and leadership roles for the evolving workforce and global communities. 


The School of Graduate and Professional Studies at Tennessee State University will be a distinguished global leader in advanced education while being solidly anchored in its heritage to lead with innovative approaches of delivering programs and services that impact emerging needs. 


G1: Facilitate operational efficiency, communication, and engagement among internal and external audiences of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.
G2: Maintain a post-graduate population of at least 25% of total university enrollment by providing services and support in recruitment and retention strategies within the colleges.
G3: Identify and invest resources to support the colleges in enhancing their post-graduate education programs and services.
G4: Provide services and support to assist the colleges in continuously improving the quality and reputation of post-graduate programs and services.
G5: Advocate for the continuous vitality of post-graduate programs and services to remain mission-centric to the University and its stakeholders.
G6: Identify, coordinate, support, and offer post-graduate professional preparation programs, services, and certificates for educational and industry leaders. 

NOTE: approved by the Graduate Council November 2018.